Center Centre

Smashing goals with the help of video.


Building A Dream

A New Way

What if your dream was to change the way higher education worked? How could you inspire others to join you?

For Center Centre, Kickstarter was the answer. They partnered with us to tell their story through a short, focused video. We provided assistance on the front end with concepting, and filmed and edited the final video, as well as filming additional update videos.


Mission Accomplished

$133,000+ Raised!

The original goal of $21,000 would help them cover writing the curriculum and some other necessities, but not much else.

Can you imagine how happy they were when it cracked $130,000? They blew past their stretch goals and went on to use the extra funds to provide scholarships! Have a look at the Center Centre website to see more.

"I'm still in shock on how well it's gone. We couldn't have done it without your help! :)" Dr. Leslie Jensen-Inman | Center Centre

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