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Documenting the recording process at Johhny Cash's recording cabin.


Cole & Cash


Musical Heritage

Even if the images of Johnny and June weren't adorning the rough hewn walls of the Cash Cabin, you'd know this is a special place. Not only for what has happened here in the past (The American Recordings I - VI), but what is still happening: honest music.

We were thrilled to be brought out to capture recording artist Jon Cole producing his next project here with Johnny's son John Carter Cash at the helm.

Tucked away in the woods outside Nashville, Cole, Cash, and friends worked through the material, layering, finessing, and crafting these songs until everyone in the control room was dancing.

While they recorded, we shot stills of the sessions and captured video for a special project. One that's not a standard part of the recording process at The Cash Cabin. You see, Jon Cole and John Carter Cash have a special connection. Their fathers were close friends.

As the last day of the sessions wrapped up, John Carter stole a few minutes away from the demands of a Grammy award winning producer's schedule to sit down with Cole and talk music and the continuing impact of their fathers' friendship. This was the moment we were hoping to see.


More Than Music

That's A Wrap

The sessions were a joy to be a part of. We got some really great shots for Jon Cole to use in the upcoming promotion of the release, but more than that, it was such a treat to capture the two of them tell stories about their fathers, and to see a friendship grow.

If you've been wondering what all this sounds like, we've included a track recorded during these sessions called, "Together Forever."

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"EVERYBODY loves the photos from the Cash Cabin! #photography #killinit" Jon Cole | Recording Artist

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